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How I Pass My Time Online by The Owner!

Online Entertainement

Starbucks Cyber Time Out

You would be hard pushed not to notice that increasingly people have their heads buried in technology these days.

I mean when was the last time you got on a train or a bus (if you get the train or bus that is), or you were in a waiting area and you DID NOT see someone using their mobile technology?

Yep – it is a common site in this day and age to see those of all ages connecting into the cyber-world leaving the real one around them a distant second thought in their mind.

I for one am guilty of this trend

Most of my life is spent in the company of the World Wide Web. I especially like to play games on my phone. I am 38 and yes, I play games! Not your average board game, chess, or backgammon, but games connected to the internet.

I am easily able to shut out the world around me and delve into the cyber realms without a second thought. Sound like anyone you know? Maybe even yourself!

Introducing you to me and why I am writing this post

So, I own this site. Many of the articles you see are written by either myself or guys I hire to write for me or even people that want to guest post on here. I don’t really advertise on here, I just like to have a place where information can be published.

Today I am sat at a Starbucks coffee shop with my laptop and I was wondering why I always have the urge to turn to the internet for company.

Before I came out I even took my laptop with me just so I can get some work done (creature of habit). However, after a couple of sips of my Starbucks, I decided that work is not really what I want to do on a Sunday.

In the end, whatever I was going to decide to do would involve technology
Sometimes I wonder if my social abilities are becoming less just because I rarely speak to anyone in the street anymore.

Instead I was either going to bury my head into my games on my phone or I was going to open my laptop, work or surf the net.

Sat here on my own at Starbucks café, and I look around to see if anyone else is like me. You have probably already guessed that I see plenty of others in the same position as I am. Meanwhile, I see those socializing with no technology.

Looking around a little further around and one or two in those groups of social monsters are still clutching their phones ready for their message apps or an opportunity for Social Media photo shoot.

Then there is another group crowded around a mobile and a laptop all looking at what I can only guess is something online.

All these people remind me of me

Mostly when I have a moment to think, well, I don’t think. My only thought is “OK mate, now you have time to play that game you are always playing” and off I go; the person next to me usually doing the same as I am.

One of my main hobbies is to play online casino games. My friend at naga128 will be happy because he an affiliate marketer for casinos in Malaysia. He loves people like me. Well at least to some extent if he could get me to sign up to real money games that is.

To be honest I am a bit of free loader when it comes to these games simply because many of these gaming companies allow you to test the games for free in the hope that you will sign up for more.

Feel free to take a look at my friends site and you will see what I mean: Real money games in Malaysia. Once you click through to some of the sites he has affiliate deals with, you will see that there are ways to play for free. You can also check out Microgaming free games operated via QuickFire. They also allow you to play these games for free.

What else do I do online to pass my time?

Well I work online as an entrepreneur. I don’t make a shed load of money – I have tried! However, my quality of life is great – I don’t have to punch an alarm clock in the morning to go to work.

Mainly I write short blogs; although this one is getting quite long. I also enjoy listening to music online and watching movies.

The conclusion is that I am as much a cyber freak as next person

After all this I have come to the conclusion that I am as much a cyber freak as the people I sometimes like to complain about. I do wonder that one day what happens if we end up with no electricity or something in this world means we no longer have technology to rely on.

How would we survive? What would we do? In the past people that had no tech to turn to made model boats, camps, tree houses, did DIY and all kinds of other useful things that would help if they needed to survive with nothing to do.

They knew how to occupy their time without a phone to connect to the net. Without a computer to play games on. Certainly when I think about myself in that situation, I start to get restless.

Anyway – if you managed to read this entire brain dump of an article, thank you for reading. I hope that you found that some part of this post relates to you and give you some food for thought when it comes to your own habit and technology.