Ladies and gents – firstly welcome to my blog on casinos and I hope you enjoy every minute of what you read here because I am very keen to share my experiences as an online real money gamer.

To begin my blog I will be covering one of the most important aspects to becoming a well-honed online casino player. This applies to those that want to make money as a casino player and to those that just want to play for fun. The latter of these two broad categories usually places a monthly budget towards playing online recreationally – it is just a bonus if at the end of the month you come out with some cash on top. The former – usually earns a living from casino gaming.

Bank Roll Management

You have guessed where this was going from the previous paragraph. Bankroll management is something I learned about playing online poker. Prior to that time I did not really play any casino games. I guess you could say poker is like the cigarettes or cannabis of today – it can lead you onto a path where the stakes are higher – especially when it comes to money, loss of self-control and addiction! I

started playing live poker and this is when my poker game got serious. I was earning a semi-living from playing cash and tournaments, but mainly cash. My problem was that with my salary from work and my poker winnings I was a little flush and as a result you can imagine I was soon joining my new poker buddies on the roulette table and blackjack for a few harmless wagers. However, this spiraled into higher wagers (Me being of a competitive nature).

Unlike poker, or at least most poker, casino tables are versus the house whereas poker is against other players. Furthermore, most of the time in poker you fold and wait for others to play it out. On the roulette and blackjack tables that is not the case. Far from it. You are constantly betting and soon you realize that a stack of cash that would have lasted hours on a poker table has disintegrated into the casino’s coffers.

By this point I already knew about bank roll management – I had slowly learned the art to get where I was sat at the roulette table watching that careful practice get ruined playing something I was not that good at.

Soon, and lucky for me just in time, I started applying my bank toll management theory to my casino play. I bet carefully and played on the right tables. Some of my pals had more money than me, but as I was now able to wander the casino floor confidentially on my own, I was soon playing lower stakes and getting pretty good at particularly Blackjack.

What did I learn you may ask?

The main thing I learned was the strategy behind the game I was playing. I then applied my stakes, average playing time and the average number of bets in that time and created a bank roll surrounding that. I did this playing the SCR888 online casino (I left a link for you – not an affiliate link) so you can check out a site that has direct ties with this casino.

Playing at SCR888 I learned optimal strategy at Roulette, Craps, Baccarat and Blackjack. I could play my poker and whether I won or lost I was able to revert to the casino floor and continue my hobby, which is the thrill of betting on dice, cards or the wheel!

All it took from me was patients, commitment to learn the games I was playing and most of all discipline. All skills you learn from playing poker anyway – at least that is if you want to be a good poker player anyway!

More to come – I will cover poker, blackjack, roulette and my favorite casinos live and online in more blogs to follow this one. In the meantime, I hope you found my blog OK and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me via the contact us page.

Happy playing folks!