So here we are writing our first blog about online casinos and how you can make money playing at online casinos. Well it is not always about making money, but actually just enjoying yourself by playing at an online casino.Casino

Most of the time, as we all know, the online casino games have odds that are set in favor of the casino. Of course without the table games and slots marginally having a percentage ahead of the player, there would be no online casino at all. Well for that matter there would just be no casinos at all full stop.

Here’s some advice for you when playing at online casinos:
1.Choose games with the least house edge

Some games at the casino are insanely in favor of the house. Take for example many of the Blackjack games with bonus bets added on. Those bonus bets may add fun to the game, but in actual fact, you playing those side bets will end up putting your overall Blackjack odds lower than should you decide to play a normal game using optimal strategy.

Some of the best games more recently are slots. Some of them come with a win percentage of up to 98%. That effectively means you should only lose 98 cents to every one dollar you bet. It doesn’t always work out that way, but with the laws of probability over time this is how it should pan out and is a major reason slots are so popular.

2.Choose casinos with regular bonus codes

If you are not worried about getting your money stuck behind the rules that come with bonuses, then casino bonuses will be a god send. The reason being is because they will keep you playing for longer. Not to state the obvious, but if you set yourself a bet limit per play, instead of raising the stakes because your casino bonus can afford you to do so, then you will get a lot more online play time.

3.Make sure you choose a reputable online casino

Again, we are stating the obvious. No matter how trusted an online casino may look, you should always check them out. Look at where the casino is licensed. Casinos registered with the UK gambling commission are to be trusted fully.

However, there are some licensed in other places such as Costa Rica that may need a little further investigation. Malta is gone and Gibraltar is also another OK licensing board. If you happen to be a US player, then make sure your casino is licensed for the US or you may find yourself breaking state or federal laws.

These are the top 3 tips we can give you before embarking on your online casino gaming experience! Please stay tuned for more blogs and strategy for online gaming.