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Betting Systems – Do They Work?

If you have been into gambling at the casino for some time now, you might have heard people talking about betting systems that they use when they bet on table games such as roulette.

A betting system is basically a method of placing and changing up the size of certain bets as well as the timing of them. The actions taken are heavily dependent on what happened in the previous round and the systems are designed to help a player’s chance of winning in the long term.

There have been many betting systems designed in the past and no doubt there will be many more designed in the future. The question is, do any of these systems actually work and give you an increased chance of walking out of a casino with more money than you walked in with?

Do They Work?

Most of the time betting systems do not work at all and even the ones that do have some success such as the Martingale roulette system can often lead to huge losses if a player plays for too long.

These systems are designed purely to give you a better chance of winning in the short term but this chance is reduced the longer you use them. There is no betting system that works in the long term as the casino always wins eventually (they have a much bigger bankroll than us).

The success of these systems will usually come down to how big your wallet is and there is no way that it is bigger than the casinos wallet. You will eventually go broke if you use them for too long (sometimes not very long at all).

How Can a System Help My Short Term Chances?

It does seem a little complicated doesn’t it? The only real way to explain this concept is to create a made up game as an example.

Let’s say that I have set up 100 boxes and put a $50 note in 99 of them and a tarantula in 1 of them. Now, you simply have to choose a box and open it in the hope of finding $50. Every time you do find the money, that box gets removed from the game. You keep on playing and removing the boxes as you keep winning. Obviously, if you have not found the spider after 75 boxes have been opened, you are a lot richer but now have just 25 boxes left and a higher chance of finding that tarantula.

That is basically how roulette systems work. The longer you play them, the more chance you have of becoming a loser. There is also a 26 number version of roulette you can play. The only place promoting this right now is SCR888 online casino. You can gain access to the mobile suite via c9bet.com/scr888/

The Martingale System

This is one of the most famous betting systems around and it has proven to give people a good chance of walking away a winner in the short term. The catch is, that the longer you play it, you have a increased chance to lose a lot of money.

It is a very simple system that involves you betting on an even-odds selection on Roulette such as black or red or odd or even. This wager when won will give you double what you originally bet (so $5 would pay you back $10) and when lost will take your wager.

The idea is that you place the lowest wager possible on one of those evens odds selections. If you win…great, you just keep placing the same bet until you lose. Once you do lose, you double the bet and play again, lose again and you double it again. You keep doing this until you win and you will get your losses back and will be up on your original wager.

You then rinse and repeat again and start back on your lowest wager.

It has been claimed that you are very likely to come out as a winner in an hour’s session using this system but any longer and you could be set to lose a substantial amount of money. Imagine going 10 rounds without winning (having doubled each of them up each time), what about 20 rounds? One bad sequence could literally leave your wallet and your bank account completely empty.

Success basically comes down to how big your bankroll is in the first place. You will get your money back eventually but it depends on if you have the funds to keep on betting and doubling. 10 losses in a row would see you having to wager $5,120 on the 11th bet to try and recoup your losses and get back ahead (scary thought I bet).

Is it really worth the risk? Especially when you are risking all of this money just for single unit win? With the minimum bet of say $5, you are going to double your bet each time just in order to get that loss back. So you could literally lose thousands over a $5 bet.

So Should I Avoid Betting Systems?

Unless you have a massive amount of money to play with for using the Martingale System, yes you should avoid all betting systems. As mentioned previously, no system will ever be able to overhaul the house edge that the casino has.

If you do decide to use systems that are designed for short term improvement of success, just be very careful. Just be aware that if you have not won in the first hour that you should just cut your losses and wait for the next time to come around.

Not all systems offer up quite as much risk as what is found in the Martingale betting system but the majority of them can leave you ruing the moment you decided to use them.

Sometimes it is just better to accept that the casino wins in the end and to just treat your session at the tables as a form of entertainment rather than trying to figure out ways to beat the system.


Online Casino Advice

So here we are writing our first blog about online casinos and how you can make money playing at online casinos. Well it is not always about making money, but actually just enjoying yourself by playing at an online casino.Casino

Most of the time, as we all know, the online casino games have odds that are set in favor of the casino. Of course without the table games and slots marginally having a percentage ahead of the player, there would be no online casino at all. Well for that matter there would just be no casinos at all full stop.

Here’s some advice for you when playing at online casinos:
1.Choose games with the least house edge

Some games at the casino are insanely in favor of the house. Take for example many of the Blackjack games with bonus bets added on. Those bonus bets may add fun to the game, but in actual fact, you playing those side bets will end up putting your overall Blackjack odds lower than should you decide to play a normal game using optimal strategy.

Some of the best games more recently are slots. Some of them come with a win percentage of up to 98%. That effectively means you should only lose 98 cents to every one dollar you bet. It doesn’t always work out that way, but with the laws of probability over time this is how it should pan out and is a major reason slots are so popular.

2.Choose casinos with regular bonus codes

If you are not worried about getting your money stuck behind the rules that come with bonuses, then casino bonuses will be a god send. The reason being is because they will keep you playing for longer. Not to state the obvious, but if you set yourself a bet limit per play, instead of raising the stakes because your casino bonus can afford you to do so, then you will get a lot more online play time.

3.Make sure you choose a reputable online casino

Again, we are stating the obvious. No matter how trusted an online casino may look, you should always check them out. Look at where the casino is licensed. Casinos registered with the UK gambling commission are to be trusted fully.

However, there are some licensed in other places such as Costa Rica that may need a little further investigation. Malta is gone and Gibraltar is also another OK licensing board. If you happen to be a US player, then make sure your casino is licensed for the US or you may find yourself breaking state or federal laws.

These are the top 3 tips we can give you before embarking on your online casino gaming experience! Please stay tuned for more blogs and strategy for online gaming.


How I Pass My Time Online by The Owner!

Online Entertainement

Starbucks Cyber Time Out

You would be hard pushed not to notice that increasingly people have their heads buried in technology these days.

I mean when was the last time you got on a train or a bus (if you get the train or bus that is), or you were in a waiting area and you DID NOT see someone using their mobile technology?

Yep – it is a common site in this day and age to see those of all ages connecting into the cyber-world leaving the real one around them a distant second thought in their mind.

I for one am guilty of this trend

Most of my life is spent in the company of the World Wide Web. I especially like to play games on my phone. I am 38 and yes, I play games! Not your average board game, chess, or backgammon, but games connected to the internet.

I am easily able to shut out the world around me and delve into the cyber realms without a second thought. Sound like anyone you know? Maybe even yourself!

Introducing you to me and why I am writing this post

So, I own this site. Many of the articles you see are written by either myself or guys I hire to write for me or even people that want to guest post on here. I don’t really advertise on here, I just like to have a place where information can be published.

Today I am sat at a Starbucks coffee shop with my laptop and I was wondering why I always have the urge to turn to the internet for company.

Before I came out I even took my laptop with me just so I can get some work done (creature of habit). However, after a couple of sips of my Starbucks, I decided that work is not really what I want to do on a Sunday.

In the end, whatever I was going to decide to do would involve technology
Sometimes I wonder if my social abilities are becoming less just because I rarely speak to anyone in the street anymore.

Instead I was either going to bury my head into my games on my phone or I was going to open my laptop, work or surf the net.

Sat here on my own at Starbucks café, and I look around to see if anyone else is like me. You have probably already guessed that I see plenty of others in the same position as I am. Meanwhile, I see those socializing with no technology.

Looking around a little further around and one or two in those groups of social monsters are still clutching their phones ready for their message apps or an opportunity for Social Media photo shoot.

Then there is another group crowded around a mobile and a laptop all looking at what I can only guess is something online.

All these people remind me of me

Mostly when I have a moment to think, well, I don’t think. My only thought is “OK mate, now you have time to play that game you are always playing” and off I go; the person next to me usually doing the same as I am.

One of my main hobbies is to play online casino games. My friend at naga128 will be happy because he an affiliate marketer for casinos in Malaysia. He loves people like me. Well at least to some extent if he could get me to sign up to real money games that is.

To be honest I am a bit of free loader when it comes to these games simply because many of these gaming companies allow you to test the games for free in the hope that you will sign up for more.

Feel free to take a look at my friends site and you will see what I mean: Real money games in Malaysia. Once you click through to some of the sites he has affiliate deals with, you will see that there are ways to play for free. You can also check out Microgaming free games operated via QuickFire. They also allow you to play these games for free.

What else do I do online to pass my time?

Well I work online as an entrepreneur. I don’t make a shed load of money – I have tried! However, my quality of life is great – I don’t have to punch an alarm clock in the morning to go to work.

Mainly I write short blogs; although this one is getting quite long. I also enjoy listening to music online and watching movies.

The conclusion is that I am as much a cyber freak as next person

After all this I have come to the conclusion that I am as much a cyber freak as the people I sometimes like to complain about. I do wonder that one day what happens if we end up with no electricity or something in this world means we no longer have technology to rely on.

How would we survive? What would we do? In the past people that had no tech to turn to made model boats, camps, tree houses, did DIY and all kinds of other useful things that would help if they needed to survive with nothing to do.

They knew how to occupy their time without a phone to connect to the net. Without a computer to play games on. Certainly when I think about myself in that situation, I start to get restless.

Anyway – if you managed to read this entire brain dump of an article, thank you for reading. I hope that you found that some part of this post relates to you and give you some food for thought when it comes to your own habit and technology.



It is important to have fun more often than not. In this day and age where everything is a potential stressor, sitting through a good game of cards is something that we all need once in a while. Unfortunately rarely do we get sufficient time to walk simply into a casino and get the thrill from some good old fashioned poker. This tedious and demanding lifestyle is the kind of most of us are living.Popular list

On the contrary, online games have made things a little bit better. Many are grateful for the convenience that is the online casino, because with such avenues you can enjoy good games from the comforts of your home.

There are so many games that you can play online. Despite being spoilt for choice, there are those that are more popular than others. The beauty about online games is that there is no much difference between them and the average game that you play in a real casino. There is real money, real betting, and real opponents. To add on to the advantages, it is cheaper, and you can even babysit as you enjoy some good slots.

Some games are quickly catching on. There are others that have been there over the years but with online casinos, they are becoming more and more catchy and lucrative. Take poker for example. Its popularity as a game of cards has stood the test of times. From generations to generations, poker is a regular play. If you are seated home alone and all your buddies are off to work only go online and find yourself a gaming partner and make a few coins winning a game of cards.

Online slots have gained more popularity with the increasing number of online casinos. The beauty about slots is in the fact that there are so many alternatives to suit your personality. You can opt to play a game of Ruby or maybe you might find Iron man catchy. For the ladies, Lady luck charm online slots might be very appealing. Choosing slots based on their theme is the best way to find a game that works best for you. Blackjacks have also gained popularity over time. Just like poker it many has continued to appreciate the benefits from a good game of cards. Roulette is another game online casino game that has grown to be popular among most online players. If you would like something that is not very engaging and does not need a lot brain work, Roulette is your game of choice. This game is purely based on luck and chance. What are the odds that you can correctly guess the number that on the ball that will be dropped? With Roulette, there is no guilt for losing a game. It is easy fun and very entertaining. Well, there are many games that you can choose from. There are many more casinos from which you can play your games. The likes of Planet Casino, Ignition Casino, and Slots Casino are just a few of the online sites you can visit to enjoy a good match. Nothing is limiting about online games. You should give them a try.


Play wisely at the casino – ups and downs

Ladies and gents – firstly welcome to my blog on casinos and I hope you enjoy every minute of what you read here because I am very keen to share my experiences as an online real money gamer.

To begin my blog I will be covering one of the most important aspects to becoming a well-honed online casino player. This applies to those that want to make money as a casino player and to those that just want to play for fun. The latter of these two broad categories usually places a monthly budget towards playing online recreationally – it is just a bonus if at the end of the month you come out with some cash on top. The former – usually earns a living from casino gaming.

Bank Roll Management

You have guessed where this was going from the previous paragraph. Bankroll management is something I learned about playing online poker. Prior to that time I did not really play any casino games. I guess you could say poker is like the cigarettes or cannabis of today – it can lead you onto a path where the stakes are higher – especially when it comes to money, loss of self-control and addiction! I

started playing live poker and this is when my poker game got serious. I was earning a semi-living from playing cash and tournaments, but mainly cash. My problem was that with my salary from work and my poker winnings I was a little flush and as a result you can imagine I was soon joining my new poker buddies on the roulette table and blackjack for a few harmless wagers. However, this spiraled into higher wagers (Me being of a competitive nature).

Unlike poker, or at least most poker, casino tables are versus the house whereas poker is against other players. Furthermore, most of the time in poker you fold and wait for others to play it out. On the roulette and blackjack tables that is not the case. Far from it. You are constantly betting and soon you realize that a stack of cash that would have lasted hours on a poker table has disintegrated into the casino’s coffers.

By this point I already knew about bank roll management – I had slowly learned the art to get where I was sat at the roulette table watching that careful practice get ruined playing something I was not that good at.

Soon, and lucky for me just in time, I started applying my bank toll management theory to my casino play. I bet carefully and played on the right tables. Some of my pals had more money than me, but as I was now able to wander the casino floor confidentially on my own, I was soon playing lower stakes and getting pretty good at particularly Blackjack.

What did I learn you may ask?

The main thing I learned was the strategy behind the game I was playing. I then applied my stakes, average playing time and the average number of bets in that time and created a bank roll surrounding that. I did this playing the SCR888 online casino (I left a link for you – not an affiliate link) so you can check out a site that has direct ties with this casino.

Playing at SCR888 I learned optimal strategy at Roulette, Craps, Baccarat and Blackjack. I could play my poker and whether I won or lost I was able to revert to the casino floor and continue my hobby, which is the thrill of betting on dice, cards or the wheel!

All it took from me was patients, commitment to learn the games I was playing and most of all discipline. All skills you learn from playing poker anyway – at least that is if you want to be a good poker player anyway!

More to come – I will cover poker, blackjack, roulette and my favorite casinos live and online in more blogs to follow this one. In the meantime, I hope you found my blog OK and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me via the contact us page.

Happy playing folks!


Interesting Things That Can Keep You Busy Online!

Normally all of us are busy with our daily routine involving studies or work or both of them. We may not get enough time to indulge in various hobbies or enjoyable activities due to the pressure of work or studies. However, sometimes, we are compelled to stay at home, away from all the friends and the work or studies that occupy most of the time in our day. Say you are not able to go to work or college due to a mild fever or severe cold, and as you are not accustomed to sitting or lying in bed in the daytime, you may get bored and frustrated easily.

online-spanish-gamesHowever, the internet can offer you the solution to your boredom and lethargy can make your stay at home, an interesting and enjoyable stay. There are so many websites offering various activities and information that you will be engrossed in the activities and forget that you were bored. 

Things to do that will keep you busy online

nfsmw1You can visit a DIY website and learn to make something useful by yourself. There are many such DIY websites that can teach you how to make your furniture, how to grow your garden or how to create extra storage at your home. You need not start a DIY project immediately, but you can get some new ideas that can turn useful in future.

You can learn to make new things with waste material or take an online tutorial in cooking, sewing or painting, etc. depending on your interest and hobbies. You can also start an online course in a subject you love but never had a chance to learn it formally and appropriately.

2016-05-02-online-summer-camps-blog-x2-569x329pxYou can log on to various websites or chatrooms where like-minded people gather and exchange ideas and information about a common interest or subject. This can be quite useful as you will learn new techniques and make friendships with people who share the same passion.Reading a book or watching a movie online is always the best method to keep you occupied when you are alone in the house.

You can use the internet to find information about the history of your city, country or even learn about other nations in the world and broaden your knowledge base.You can take the time to send emails to your family and friends with whom you have not been in contact so that you can rekindle the old camaraderie and friendships.

mothers-dayYou can also listen to music from different countries, listen to songs in different languages and experience peace and relaxation through music.You can also try to write an article or blogs and share your knowledge and passion on a particular subject so that other can benefit from the same.

The internet offers us countless opportunities so that we can use our time productively and for some definite purpose. The internet is a powerful tool, and you can learn and understand almost everything if you are using the web in the right manner. With the internet at your fingertips, you will never be bored.